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Video Management Software


G-Core is a comprehensive, flexible solution for managing data and video images. The user-friendly viewer interface guarantees simple and intuitive operation and can be set up individually according to the user's needs. Manage individual locations or any number of sites by networking recorder and server systems while providing maximum protection for image data and employees.
  • High data availability through failure concepts (intelligent redundancy concepts)
  • Data protection by making image areas unrecognisable and inserting security features within the image files (e.g. privacy masking, watermarks, etc.)
  • Image data can easily be manually stored in the tamper-proof Geutebrück format (GBF) as video and audio data. Thanks to an also tamper-proof image database, the images can be used in court.
  • High data security through encrypted data transmission of video images throughout the entire network.
  • Clearly structured, user-friendly operating concept with user profiles for the individual adjustment of the Playback surfaces.
  • Smooth video presentation through powerful systems.
  • Time-synchronous playback of several camera channels, even from several recorders simultaneously.
  • Additional G-SIM Starter Software is available for free.

You can find the latest main installer (MUI) in the download area on our portal.

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  • G-Set

    With the help of G-Set, the administrator parameterizes your video management system. He can be supported by various wizards in configuring the network connection, the media channels and events for fast implementation. Furthermore, user groups and rights can be defined and assigned in this interface.
    G-View The G-View user interface is the working tool of your security personnel. Video surveillance, the processing of alarms and events or the delegation of tasks, everything takes place in the software.  By default, ten operators have access to G-View.
    G-View is available in the following languages: EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, RU, NL, PL, HU, TR and AR.
    G-Web G-Web transmits video data and alarms from G-Core to a web browser of your mobile device, regardless of location. Up to five connections can be established simultaneously.
    450 TB database G-Core supports a database size of up to 450 TB. With the help of G-Storage systems, your data can be stored securely even over long periods of time.
    Open Platform Thanks to the open system architecture and our Software Development Kit (SDK), third-party system providers can program integrations to G-Core. Use our interface search to find the right, already existing interface to your system. Nothing for you? Then feel free to contact the SDK or Solutions Team.
    MOS Motion Search (MOS) helps the operator to find motion in recorded images in high speed. By marking the interesting area in the video image, the database is searched for motion changes in exactly this area. With just a few clicks, the interesting images can be found and the corresponding incidents cleared up.
    G-Tect/AD The Activity Detection (AD) for indoor applications reliably detects movements in your video image without the need for large parametric effort. The interesting area, the sensitivity as well as the direction of movement can be set. Detected movements can be assigned to alarms and their information passed on to the responsible security personnel.
    G-Tect/SV The Scene Validation function, also known as camera rotation protection, automatically detects the rotation of a camera's viewing angle. In addition, the concealment of the lens, the rotation of the image sharpness as well as the partial failure of the illumination are detected.
    Central Action Manager This feature connects multiple G-Core systems, allowing information such as alarms, events or process data to be delivered to all devices connected to the Action Center in a consistent and system-wide manner.
    Source Privacy This function is used to permanently remove certain image areas from the image material. To do this, these areas are marked in the image and then not recorded or taken into account during playback. In this way, data protection requirements can be met.
    Client Privacy This function allows you to pixelate predefined areas or movements. For example, workers can be protected from recording. The material only becomes visible when it is needed for evidence.
    Two Man Rule This function allows the deactivation of the Privacy Masking only by at least two authorized persons.
    Certificates LGC Forensics (court usability)
    Minimum hardware requirements Free storage space: Min. 50 GB
    Memory: Min. 8 GB
    Processors: Intel Core i3 or higher with 7th generation Intel Kabylake
    Network interface: min. 1 Gbit/s
    Microsoft SQL Server: 2014 & 2019
    Microsoft .Net Version: Min. 4.6.1
    Operating system: Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 & 2019

Geutebrück Software (64 Bit), which is developed for the requirements of high security systems. Several G-Core systems can be combined to form a system of any size. As an open platform, G-Core is open to systems and devices from other manufacturers. System setup and operation is simplified by separate applications for administrator and operator. Many other functions can be added via option. G-Core can be used with Windows 10, Server 2016 & 2019 operating systems. The used hardware resources limit the system performance. For further technical information please refer to the data sheet.

  • Protection of the building against the intrusion of unauthorized persons.
  • Visualization of processes.
  • City surveillance.
  • Surveillance of extensive terrain.
  • Court management for smooth traffic handling.
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