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We offer integrations to your existing systems. Our monitoring software G-Health protects you from failures.

G-Health Monitoring Software

Save money by preventing failures in your system. The G-Health monitoring software consistently checks the functionality of your hardware components and alerts you in case of critical conditions, e.g. imminent hard disk failure or system malfunctions. The software monitors data flow, processor utilization, system temperature and more to reports deviations from pre-set limits. Notifications are automatically sent via e-mail or text message, generated from within the interface. The overview of the function status of each connected component, can also be displayed in real-time or on demand via a user-friendly web interface. In this way, possible damage or downtime can be detected early and prevented by timely intervention.


G-Core Integrations

G-Core integrations are a perfect connection to external systems. Connections to systems like e.g. cash register, radar or access control systems and many more are possible. For example, ERP systems and databases that support the standardized Open Data interface can also be connected. Additional metadata from the respective ERP systems and databases, including scan data, can be displayed in G-Core.

Enrich process data with images and create added value.


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For many years GEUTEBRÜCK has been offering open interfaces for all system components to connect to external systems. This includes serial interfaces with open protocol up to comfortable TCP/IP interfaces, controlled via software development kits.

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