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The G-SIM management software is a perfect complement to the administration of your G-Core systems. Maintain an overview and control of all complex units, both locally and in globally distributed locations. All information of your Geutebrück system and all interfaced third-party systems are bundled to simplify the management of your data.

The usability of G-SIM is both clear and easy. Integrated site maps give an excellent overview and by dragging the camera image into any site plan, the camera location is shown to you directly and allows a quick orientation, even for large installations. The easy-to-use interface of the software can be customized to the individual needs of each user or user group. It’s intelligent alarm handling system, optimally supports the user in the processing of alarms by providing detailed instructions and workflows.

The user rights management, which can be set separately, enables clearly definable permissions for the relevant user groups which in turn, individualizes the user interface to the specific needs. The access to sensitive data is limited by the release of images according to the Two-man-rule in order to always protect your data in the best possible way.

Because of the clearly arranged display and simple operability, monitoring of vast areas or a large number of cameras and sites, becomes possible with a minimum staff. The combination of images and process-data also enables complete monitoring of your processes within the single G-SIM interface, saving time and find inefficiencies faster. Whether G-SIM is used for video security, process visualization or both - your data is always safe. Redundancy within the G-SIM solution is possible with the management of failover server(s) which are activated in case of any system downtime.

G-SIM includes the free G-SIM Starter Software - with limited functionality, usable without dongle in conjunction with all G-Core systems. The extension from G-SIM Starter to the full version can be done via dongle.

  G-SIM Starter G-SIM
Cameras unlimited unlimited
Recorder unlimited unlimited
Operator consoles 10 unlimited
Remote consoles 0 unlimited
Sites 3 unlimited
Simple alert management Yes Yes
Maps Yes Yes
Two man rule Yes Yes
Enhanced alert management No Yes
Messaging / Tasks No Yes
Linked Layouts No Yes
Audit No Yes
Alarm Report Manager No Yes
SNMP Plugin No Yes
VMS Failover (G-Core) No Optional
Server Failover No Optional
G-SIM Global No Optional
Active Directory No Optional
MultiTenancy No Optional
CamCheckService No Optional
Video Track and Trace (VTT) No Optional
Windows Authentication No Yes