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Our video analysis detects movement patterns, counts objects and reports intrusion into security zones that can be individually created.


Geutebrück systems can be further enhanced with options, that extend their functionality and adapt to individual needs, as achieved with the server-based video content analysis (G-Tect).

A reduction in memory requirements and costs for additional storage media, is possible by analyzing your live images and recording them only when an action happens. The VCA can be used to monitor movements in predefined areas or perform intelligent object detection. This way you can protect complex areas optimally and if a critical event is detected an alarm is triggered and the operator will be immediately informed.

The monitoring and the automation of vehicle access is also no problem with ANPR (number plate recognition). Vehicle license/number plates may be used and matched against a known database of approved or unauthorized vehicles. Using Vehicle Access Manager (VAM) you now have control of gates, alarms and many other customizable options.


Server Based VCA

Geutebrück solutions help you stay informed, so you don't miss anything important. The server-based Video Content Analysis (VCA) automatically evaluates things that are important to you. People, vehicles and other objects are detected indoors and outdoors regardless of weather conditions, during the day or at night. Uncontrollable and irrelevant movements in the scene, such as the movement of trees or vegetation, are ignored. This reduces and minimizes the number of false alarms and only those events that are important to you, are displayed for response.

The system is multifunctional for counting, detecting or recognizing movement patterns. The counting function makes it easy to document the flow of objects in areas or at access points. With customizable dwell filters, burglaries and thefts can also be detected early by analysis within pre-defined areas and therefore, prevented by rapid intervention.