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Video Motion Detection


This option provides 3D video motion detection. These are characterized in particular by high reliability and precision, making them particularly suitable for monitoring critical outdoor areas. By detecting perspective differences, objects can be reliably detected in real time according to size, direction and speed.
  • Very low false alert rate of video motion detection
  • Detection and evaluation of intruding objects according to size, direction and speed.
  • Finely adjustable system for very precise motion detection
  • Measuring times from 40 ms to 10 s for real-time detection of very fast and very slow movements.
  • Detection of perspectives for more precise and reliable determination of objects.
  • Difference algorithm between local and global image changes for efficient false alert suppression.
  • Automatic mode switching (profiles), e.g. day/night or summer/winter.
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  • Monitoring area

    Up to 128 logically linkable detection fields, freely configurable with regard to function, position, size and senitivity

       > Set-up options

    Assignment of each cell as prealarm, alarm, blocking or suppression cell.
    Division of the fields into 4 groups for different alarm reactions.
    Storage of any number of parameter sets, activation over any system actions
    (e.g. time-range control)

       > Set-up aids

    Display and adding of required fields, allocation of the fields in connected chains,
    taking the perspective into account
    Setting in the viewer for selected camera channel with live stream

    Alarm analysis

    Analysis in real time
    Selectable measurement times: 40 ms (only DSP-based sources), 160 ms, 640 ms,
    2.5 s and 10 s

       > Set-up options

    Settings for alarm duration (global) and blocking time (for each area)
    Activation (also parallel) of the measurement times. Prealarm and alarm configuration globally or for each of the 4 groups.
    Setting of the motion and suppression thresholds.
    Saving and loading of the settings as parameter sets.
    Setting of the contrast threshold.

       > Set-up aids

    Inspection of the settings using motion and contrast thresholds. Visualization of each measurement that generates an alarm. Visualization of the field status (alarm, prealarm, blocking field active, suppression)

    Installation considerations

    DSP-based channels are evaluated in 2CIF resolution.
    Megapixel cameras are evaluated in full resolution (depending on the camera settings).
    Objects/persons to be detected should be displayed with a height of at least 14 pixels.

    Operating system

    Windows 8.1

    Camera channels


       > analog


       > IP


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Option to provide the 3-D video sensor function in a G-Core system. This function offers video motion detection for particularly critical surveillance tasks outdoors. Three-dimensional evaluation via automatic perspective. Special algorithm with reliable suppression of global disturbances. The option is required per camera channel.

  • site surveillance
  • yard surveillance
  • car park surveillance
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