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Perimeter Control


This option enables comprehensive VMX video analysis. It is characterized by high precision and reliability. With a virtual 3D model of the area to be secured, objects can be detected with exact perspective and the false alarm rate reduced. This makes this video analysis particularly suitable for perimeter monitoring.
  • Lower false alert rate due to Geutebrück's own video analysis.
  • Objects entering a surveillance zone can be distinguished by size, direction, distance and speed.
  • High precision and reliability of the system through the reduction of weather effects such as snow or rain.
  • Permanently retrievable alarm messages through storage in the video database.
  • High flexibility due to the possibility of setting any number of monitoring zones.
  • Low configuration effort due to simple setting options.
  • Size and distance recognition using 3D scene modelling.
  • Optional dual sensor function for outstanding detection reliability.
  • Additional VMD technology included for best possible analysis results.
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  • G-Tect/VMX is a fully integrated analytic function, for analysing live or previously recorded video content stored in the internal video database. This makes it a powerful tool for all video surveillance applications.

    The video analytics is set up in four easy stages.  First, in order to be reliable it needs input about the dimensions in the scene.  You provide this by stretching a perspective grid across the scene, and adding the correct dimension in metres to the black box on each side of the zone. In a second step virtual 3D scene boundaries can be set to restrict the surveillance zone in a 3 dimensional way to provide a reliable detection regarding size, distance and speed of each object within the scene. The third step is to define the desired sterile zones or virtual fence lines and any directional factor using a simple segment display.  Lastly you adjust the global sensitivity of the detector and the system is ready for duty.  Once activated
    G-Tect/VMX provides reliable protection against intruders and additional security round the clock.

    G-Tect/VMX is built into all new Geutebrück image recording systems - G-Scope 1000, 3000+, 6000+, 8000+ systems - to provide effective reporting and recording in critical situations and ideal assistance for users. For even higher levels of security G-Tect/VMX also comes with free activation of Geutebrück’s classical VMD detector which can be used in combination to form a dual sensor.

Option to provide comprehensive video analysis. Especially suitable for perimeter protection. Perspective distortions can be taken into account during the setup process and false alarm rates are minimized by the algorithm. This option is required per channel.

  • perimeter protection
  • building monitoring
  • site surveillance
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